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Gallery Folders

TR Architecture and Landscaping
TR Tattoos
TR Still Life
TR Fantasy Sci-Fi
TR Fanart
TR Other
DI People
DI Children and Babies
DI Nature
DI Domesticated Animals
DI Architecture and Landscaping
DI Tattoos
DI Still Life
DI Fantasy Sci-Fi
DI Fanart
DI Other

Submission Guidelines and Categories

Welcome to Top Quality. We are committed to collecting the best art on deviantART. All types of art are welcome, but we do have a quality threshold. I began watching a group and came back about twelve hours later to over 900 messages, all from that group. To be honest, there were several gems, however not 900 of them. The plan is to have a group that keeps that from happening. I largely add art to the group through things that pop up in my own watch feed, or I'll go to the dA homepage and refresh newest a lot, looking for something great. I don't want all our art to have thousands of favorites. I want to help amazing art get there, from the beginning.

  • Please don't submit to the Featured gallery. Submit only to the categories. See more below. If you need help figuring out how to submit to different folders, I wrote up a quick tutorial here.
  • Original work and fanart are accepted, but it must have been created by you. Don't tweak a Google image of Kristen Stewart and tell me it's your epic original Twilight fanart.
  • Yes, we do accept artistic nudes.
  • Submit to the correct category. If you accidentally submit to the wrong category and we wish to accept your submission, we will decline it and send you a message asking you to submit it to the correct folder for acceptance.
  • If you want to know why exactly your piece was rejected, ask! We will tell you. Beware, though. We will stay polite, but we won't beat around the bush about it.
  • Use your judgement when it comes to the line between digital art and photography. There is a point where you've manipulated the photo beyond just edits and effects. It's usually pretty obvious, but sometimes it's subtle and that's where you come in.
  • Video game screencaps are in no way accepted. That is not your original art, even if it's an original character.
The categories are listed below (and they may change). All the folders will have an abbreviation in front of them. TR stands for traditional media like drawings and paintings. Statues and carvings are in here as well. PH stands for photography. DI stands for any form of digitally created art. Tablet drawings and photo manipulation both fall under this category.
  • Featured: Anything in the featured gallery will be put there by the admin. Please don't submit to this category. Please submit to the category each item regularly belongs to. We will periodically select pieces to add the the Featured gallery in order to showcase our best talent.
  • People: Art centered around people, couples, or groups of people. This does not include babies and children. If it's a close up of the body or it's possible the focus is something else in the image that serves another category better, use your judgement. We may also suggest another category.
  • Children and Babies: Pretty self-explanatory. Art centered around infants and children.
  • Nature: Flowers, trees, landscapes, etc. Any art of that sort. This includes insects and animals in the wild or a zoo. This does not include domesticated animals or pets. Use your judgement with animals like horses. Is it a wild mustang or on a ranch?
  • Domesticated Animals: Art centered around various domesticated animals. Horses, dogs, cats, etc., as well as farm animals or exotic animals living as a pet. Exotic animals will require some judgement as to whether or not they fall into domestic or nature, depending on the piece itself.
  • Architecture and Landscaping: Buildings, interiors, and exteriors. Not for to be confused with landscapes like mountain and forest scenes. However, this does include cityscapes and broad street shots.
  • Tattoos: Tattoos and tattoo designs. If they've already been tattooed on the body and it's a photograph, it's submitted to PH. In some photos, it's up to you whether the focus is the tattoo or the person and to choose your category accordingly.
  • Still Life: Objects and arrangements of any sort.
  • Make Up: This is a photography only category. This is to show off spectacular make up applications, even if altered afterward with the computer.
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi: Remember when to use DI over PH: If you've taken a photograph of a woman and added a tail, that's DI. Same with a horn on a picture of a horse. A person in costume goes in PH Fantasy or PH People.
  • Fanart: Self-explanatory, I think. Any sort of art relating to a fandom. If it is an original character and it's obvious that it's fan art (i.e., an original Harry Potter character wearing a Gryffindor scarf), it needs to go here.
  • Other: Anything else that truly can't fit in any category above goes here. If you submit to this category and we feel a regular category would fit it, don't worry. We'll just ask that you submit it in the correct category.

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